Uganda Peoples Defence Forces UPDF Generals

By | May 10, 2022

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces UPDF Generals

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces UPDF Generals – Check list below:

Below is a list of all the Generals of Uganda Peoples Defence Force

The breakdown of the generals:

Yoweri Museveni
1. He is Ugandan president and commander-in-Chief of armed forces. Yoweri Museveni and 42 others, with 27 guns launched an armed rebellion against the government of former President Obote in 1981. He captured power in 1986 and has been president since then.

Salim Saleh
2.He is a special presidential advisor on defence affairs. In 1976, at the age of 16, he joined his brother Yoweri Museveni in exile in Tanzania and participated in the 1979 Kagera war that brought an end Amin regime. During the war, he fought under FRONASA, commanded by his brother Yoweri Museveni. He joined NRA in late 1981, months after NRA had attacked Kabamba. During the bush war, Gen. Saleh commanded the mobile brigade that fought many and fierce battles against government troops. He was army commander for a year, from 1988-89 before he was sacked and replaced by Mugisha Muntu.

Elly Tumwine

3.He shot the first bullet on February 6, 1981 during the foiled attack on Kabamba barracks that marked the beginning of the five-year NRA guerilla war in Luwero. Gen. Tumwine is a member of parliament representing UPDF. He was the first army commander after NRA captured power in 1986. He did cadet in Munduli in 1979. Uganda Peoples Defence Forces UPDF Generals

David Sejusa
4.He is in exile in London after falling out with President Museveni’s regime in 2013 after authoring the infamous letter that claimed there was a plan to assassinate some senior government and military officials perceived to be against purported scheme by President Musevni to have his son, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba replace him as president. Before fleeing into exile, Gen. Sejusa was the Coordinator of intelligence agencies. He joined police after the University but defected joined NRA in 1981.

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Aronda Nyakairima
5.Gen Aronda is Internal Affairs minister. He served as Chief of Defence Forces from 2003-2013. Before 2003, he had commanded Operation Iron Fist in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Gen Aronda also worked as the intelligence officer in Presidential Protection Unit, now Special Forces Command. He joined NRA in 1982 soon after leaving Makerere University.

Katumba Wamala
6. Gen Wamala is the Chief of Defence Forces, the highest position in the Ugandan military. Prior to his current appointment, Gen. Katumba was Commander Land Forces. He has previously worked as Inspector General of Police. He joined NRA in 1986 after serving in UNLA that was pushed out of power in the same year.

Kale Kayihura
7.He is the police boss and has served in that capacity since 2005. Before then, he had served in DR Congo. He joined NRA in 1982. He has been criticised by human rights activists for cracking down on demonstrations by the opposition.

Jeje Odong
8. State Minister for defence. Jeje Odong was arrested in February 1981 after the NRA attack on Kabamba for collaborating with the rebels. He was taken to Luzira Prisons for five years. He joined the army in 1979.

Moses Ali
9. He is a lawyer and politician. Gen. Ali is the Third deputy prime minister and East Moyo Member of Parliament. The flamboyant general served Minister of finance under Amin regime.

Lieutenant Generals : Uganda Peoples Defence Forces UPDF Generals

Ivan Koreta-He is the former deputy Chief of Defence Forces and Ambassador-designate.

Charles Angina-He replaced Koreta and is the current Deputy Chief of Defence Forces.

Andrew Guti-He is the commandant of Seniour command and Staff College, Kimaka

Robert Rusoke-He is Uganda’s ambassador in South Sudan

Jim Owoyesigire-The former boss of Uganda Air Force was sacked by the President after four Ugandan choppers destined for Somalia crashed, leaving seven soldiers dead. He is not deployed.

Major Generals

David Muhoozi-The commander of Land Forces, joined the army in 1985.

Fred Mugisha- The former commander of African Union troops in Somalia was appointed commander of Anti-Terrorism Center in 2013, which has never taken off.

Nathan Mugisha-He is Ugandan deputy ambassador in Somalia. In 2010, he commanded African Union troops in Somalia.

Julius Oketta- He is the director of National Emergency and Coordination Operations in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Levy Karuhanga-The first commander UPDF commander of Amisom troops in Somalia is the current Chairman of the Court Martial.

Francis Okello- He was the second commander of AMISOM from 3 March 2008 to the end of his tour of duty in 2009. He commandant of UPDF Military Rapid Deployment

Wilson Mbasu Mbadi- The former presidential bodyguard has rapidly risen through ranks and is Joint Chief of Staff.

Pecos Kutesa- The NRA bush heroe, is the UPDF Chief of doctrine.

Joram Mugume-The former deputy army commander works under Ministry of defence Land department.

Matayo Kyaligonza – He is Ugandan ambassador in Burundi and the NRM vice Chancellor, western region.

Sam Turyagyenda- He is the commander of Air Force

Geoffrey Muheesi-Deputy Amisom Force Commander.


1. Charles Bakahumura- Chief of Military Intelligence
2. James Mugira-Managing Director Luwero Industries.
3. John Mugume-Chief of UPDF shop
4. Dick Olum-just returned from Somalia
5. Michael Ondoga-on trial in UPDF court martial
6. Joseph Musanyufu-Chief of Personnel and Administration
7. Francis Chemonges-Commandant Kalama Armoured Warfare Training School(KAWTS)
8. Joseph Ssemwanga- He is the commander of Armoured brigade in Masaka. He joined the army in 1995.
9. Deus Sande- Chief Instructor Artillery
10. Geofrey Katsigazi-under Artillery division
11. George Igumba
12. Tom Tumuhairwe-Service Brigade
13. Geofrey Taban- Defence attaché in Congo
14. Joram Kakari-Chief of Pensions
15. Sam Kavuma-Commander Uganda Contingent in Somalia
16. Peter Elwelu-Second division commander
17. Paul Lokech-Defence Attaché in Russia
18. Innocent Oula-UPDF representative in parliament
19. Lucky Kidega-New commander of Regional Task Force hunting LRA
20. Nakibus Lakara-Third Division Commander
21. Henry Tumukunde-Not deployed
22. Muhoozi Kainerugaba-Commander

Special Forces

23. Chris Kazoora-Commander Reserve Force, Central region
24. Stephen Kashaka- Defence attaché in South Africa
25. William Oketcho-Reserve Force
26. Elly Kayanja-Coordinator NAADS
27. Eric Mukasa-Reserve Force
28. Dennis Asiimwe-Commandant University Military Science and Technology, Lugazi
29. Stephen Rwabantu-under Reserve Force
30. Phenehas Katirima-Member of parliament and Chief Education and Sports
31. Moses Diiba Sentongo-Chief of Civil-Military relations
32. Joseph Oracha
33. Jim Willis Byaruhanga-Chief of Training
34. Ramadhan Kyamulesire- Chief of legal services
35. John Lorot-Fifth Division Commander
36. Dr. Emmanuel Musinguzi-
37. Dr. Ambrose Musinguzi-Director of Medical Services
38. Yowasi Kiiza- Retired
39. Leopold Kyanda-Chief of Staff Land Forces
40. Silver Kayemba-Military Attaché in Washington
41. Ronnie Balya- Director General, Internal Security Organisation
42. Kayanja Muhanga-Fourth Division commander
43. Sabiiti Mutebile-Chief of Construction
44. Jacob Musajjawaza-Chief of Production
45. Gowa Kasiita
46. Mathew Gureme-Chief of Staff of Rapid Deployment
47. John Mateeka-Chairman First division Court
48. Moses Rwakitarate-Not deployed
49. Proscovia Nalweyiso-senior Presidential advisor on defence and security
50. James Okidingi-Commander Artillery division
51. Julius Chihanda-Under Foreign Affairs
52. Garvas Mugyenyi-Air defence boss
53. Fred Tolit-Ugandan Defence Envoy at African Union
54. Brig. George Etyang-Military Attaché in India
55. Augustine Kyazze. Under Logistics
56. Charles Otema Owany-Chief of Logistics



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