Uganda Police Force UPF Hierarchy | Management Levels

By | May 31, 2022

Uganda Police Force UPF Hierarchy | Management Levels

Uganda Police Force UPF Hierarchy – Management Levels:

Management Levels

Management Level Rank Administrative Functions
Strategic Management
IGP Head of Institution
DIGP Deputy Head of Institution
AIGP Heads of Directorates
Senior Management
SCP Dep. Heads of Directorates
  1. Head of Department
  2. Head of Specialized units
  1. Assistant Head of Dept.
  2. Head of Regional Police Command
Middle Management
  1. Head of Section
  2. Head of District Police Command
  3. Staff Officers
  1. Head of Divisional Police Stations
  2. Head of District Crime Investigation
  3. Staff officers
  1. Heads of Station
  2. Heads of sections at the District
  3. District Human Resource Officers
Junior Management IP
  1. In charge Police Post
  2. Supervision
AIP Third level supervisor
  1. Head Station Discipline
  2. Second level supervisor
CPL First level supervisor
  1. Communicators
  2. Station Dairy
  3. Cells guard
  4. Armoury
  5. Patrol
SPC Beat Patrol

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