Uganda Police Force UPF Band Songs

By | May 30, 2022

Uganda Police Force UPF Band Songs | Click to Download

Uganda Police Force UPF Band Songs – Click to Download:

The Uganda National Police is the national police force of Uganda. The head of the force is called the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

police band is a military-style band operated or sponsored by a police force. Police bands provide ceremonial support for civic events, and perform at police observances such as funerals and police academy graduations. Most police bands consists exclusively of professional police officers, while others consist of personnel of law enforcement and other special agencies. Like military bands, their repertoire is mostly composed of ceremonial marching music and honors music (national anthems and fanfares).

The Uganda Police Band is the sole ensemble of the Uganda Police and the mandated police band of the Republic of Uganda, being stationed in Kampala. It is responsible for playing at police ceremonies and community events. It was founded in the mid-1960s following Ugandan independence. In September 2019, it launched its first affiliated police band in the Lango sub-region.

One of the more notable band members was Moses Matovu, who joined in 1968 and went on to found the Afrigo Band.

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The Afrigo Band is a musical band in Uganda. It is the longest-lasting musical group in the history of Uganda, having existed for 44 years by August 2019. The band was formed by a group of eight musicians led by their band leader, vocalist, and alto saxophonist, Moses Matovu, who continued to lead the band on its 38th anniversary. Playing to their fans at home in Uganda, the group tours regularly in Europe and the United States to play to Ugandans in the Diaspora. He has been performing with the band since and is its leader, as of February 2015.

Band members

As of January 2015, all except one of the founding band members had died. The band recruited replacements whenever a member left or died. Members of the band, past and present, include:

  • Moses Matovu – Founder member, band leader, saxophonist, lead vocals, composer
  • Herman Ssewanyana – Congas
  • Charles Ssekyanzi Mutagubya – Vocalist, trumpet player, composer
  • Mansur Bulegeya Akiki – Tenor saxophonist
  • Joanita Kawalya – Vocalist, dancer
  • Rachael Magoola – Vocalist, dancer, Composer
  • Rashid Musoke (RIP) – member
  • Paul Serumaga (RIP) – Founder member
  • Godfrey Mwambala – member
  • Tony Sengo – member
  • Tonny Ssenkebejje – Solo guitarist (left)
  • Fred Kigozi – member
  • Peter Bazanye – Vocals
  • Joe Tabula – Vocals
  • Frank Mbalire Guitarist/Vocals (left)
  • Edmond Ganja – Guitarist/Vocals
  • Sammy Kasule – Bassist/Vocals
  • Charles Busuulwa – Bassist
  • Eric Sabiiti – Drummer
  • Julious Nshaba – Drummer
  • Daniel Kaggwa – Keyboards
  • Isaac Zzimbe – Drummer (left)
  • Jacinta Wamboga – Dancer
  • Sarah Namiyonga – Dancer
  • Aminye Rhoose – Dancer

Venancio Okello was the longest serving director of the band, serving until his death in 2002. On 11 January 2019, the 8-year director of the band Josephine Kakooza (nicknamed Mama Police) died while in service, being the longest serving officer in the UPF at the time of her death (having 50 years of service attributed to her).



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