Uganda Police Force UPF Departments

By | May 31, 2022

Uganda Police Force UPF Departments

Uganda Police Force UPF Departments – Check below:

Command Structure

1 Inspector General of Police

2 Deputy Inspector General of Police

3 Directories of Uganda Police Force

  1. Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety:
  2. Directorate of Information & Communication Technology:
  3. Directorate of Human Rights and Legal Services:
  4. Directorate of Police Fire Prevention and Rescue Services:
  5. Directorate of Police Health Services:
  6. Directorate of Forensic Services:
  7. Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Crime Intelligence (CID):
  8. Directorate of Human Resource Development:
  9. Directorate of Interpol:
  10. Directorate of Kampala Metropolitan Police:
  11. Directorate of Logistics and Engineering:
  12. Directorate of Operations:
  13. Directorate of Political Commissariat:
  14. Directorate of Research, Planning & Development:
  15. Directorate of Special Duties:
  16. Directorate of Counter Terrorism:
  17. Directorate of Welfare and Production:
  18. Directorate of Peace Support Operations:
  19. Directorate Crime Intelligence:
  20. Directorate of Human Resource Administration & Management


  1. Kampala Metropolitan Police
  2. Other Territorial Police (District and Regional Command)
  3. Force Field Unit
  4. Anti Stock Theft Unit
  5. Environmental Protection Police
  6. Presidential Police Guard
  7. Police Canine Unit
  8. Railway Police Unit
  9. Marine Police Unit
  10. Police Air Wing Unit
  11. Aviation Police
  12. Agriculture Police
  13. Professional Standard Unit

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