Gulu University Academic Calendar 2024-2025

By | August 2, 2022

Gulu University Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Gulu University Academic Calendar 2024-2025 | see details below:



Gulu University Academic Calendar, GU has released its academic calendar for 2024-2025 academic session, newly admitted and returning students are to take note.

Before you proceed with application, click on the links below for information:

1 Gulu University Admission Requirement 2024-2025

2 Gulu University Courses Offered 2024-2025

3 Gulu University Fees Structure 2024-2025

The academic calendar hints about Gulu University, GU resumption date for new and returning students 2023, examination date and other academic activities for the year.

See below, the academic calendar for sessional dates in 2024-2025 academic year.


The academic calendar for 2024-2025 academic session as approved by senate of the Gulu University, GU.

By Office of the Academic Registrar

Gulu University, Office of the Academic Registrar wishes to provide the general public with the Approved Academic Calendar for the 2023/2024 Academic Calendar. Below is a brief breakdown of activities for Semester I 2023/2024.

Activity: Meeting of Admissions Board
Date: 5th October, 2023

Activity: Meeting of Examination Malpractices and Irregularities Committee (EMIC)
Date: 10thOctober, 2023

Activity: Meeting of Quality Assurance, Timetable and Examinations Committee (QUATEC)
Date: 19th October, 2023

Activity: Meeting of BORG
Date: 26th October 2023

Activity: Mature Age Examinations
Date: 29th October, 2023

Activity: Deadline for BORGS to receive and consider Masters and PhD examination results and dissertations or theses
 14th – 31st October 2023

Activity: Outreach to education institutions
Date: 1st November – 30th November 2023

Activity: Printing and Issuance of Academic Transcripts and Certificates
Date: 1st November – 12th January 2024

Activity: Committee of Deans, Directors and Academic Programmes (CODDAP)
Date: 2nd November 2023

Activity: Meeting of SLIB
Date: 9th November 2023

Activity: Identification and Appointment of External Examiners
Date: 13th November – 24thNovember 2023

Activity: Meeting of SICT
Date: 16th November 2023

Activity: Examination Preparation Workshop
Date: 17th November 2023

Activity: Meeting of Ceremonies Committee
Date: 29th November 2023

Activity: Semester I Examinations, 2023/2024 Academic Year
Date: 4th December  – 17th December 2023

Activity: Meeting of the University Senate
Date: 7th December 2023

Activity: Inter-Semester Break
Date: 18th December – 14th January 2024

For information and inquiries, you can contact the Gulu University, GU by visiting the institution’s official website.


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Gulu University
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Gulu (U), East Africa


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PO Box 166, Laroo Division Gulu Muicipality, Ug.

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