Cavendish University Uganda Distance Learning

By | August 31, 2022

Cavendish University Uganda Distance Learning

Cavendish University Uganda Distance Learning – see the list of courses offered at the distance learning…

The Cavendish University’s Distance Learning Platform provides a flexible, accessible and cost effective mode of learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom based programs. This mode of study is suitable for those who have difficulty attending traditional class for various reasons. It gives one the opportunity to study away from the classroom without interrupting their day to day activities.

The platform has features such as:

Ability to track and monitor academic progress

Access to lecturers during dedicated hours for academic support

Adaptive learning management platform

Learn online or offline

Submit quiz or assignment online or offline

Self assessment and comparison across courses

Collaborate through messages, forums and chat

System driven alerts on grades, revisions and what to study


Distance Learning programmes

Masters Degrees

Master of Public Health

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance

Master of Business Administration – Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management

Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

Master of Laws

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration – Generic

Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Business Administration – Procurement & Logistics

Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking & Finance

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Bachelor of Public Administration and Management

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

Bachelor of Journalism & Communication Studies (Public Relations/Mass Communication)


Postgradute Diploma in Business Administration.

Postgradute Diploma in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies.

Postgradute Diploma in Public Health

Postgradute Diploma in Laws


Diploma in Computer Science & Information Technology.

Diploma in International Relations

Diploma in Business Administration

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