University of Makeni UNIMAK Undergraduate Application Form

By | October 30, 2023

University of Makeni UNIMAK Undergraduate Application Form 2024-2025

University of Makeni UNIMAK Undergraduate Application Form – Download and apply now:


UNIMAK welcomes all students who wish to follow one of its courses of study. All applications should be made on the University Application Form.

A candidate for a degree, diploma or certificate in any Faculty must comply with the conditions and meet the selection criteria set out in the University’s admissions policy for programmes. The Admission’s Committee has the right to refuse admission to any student should it consider it to be in the interests of the University to do so.

Please note also that the University reserves the right to cancel any course that is being offered if the number of applicants falls below a viable number for the purposes of organizing full-time or part-time lecture sessions.

The minimum entrance requirements for diploma and undergraduate degree programmes are as follows:
All students must pass the University English Verification examination and an interview panel to be admitted.

POSTGRAUATE AWARDS: A Degree, Division I or Division II, from a recognized tertiary institution.

DEGREE: Five G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Credits (6 or below), including English Language (5 or below), or Five WAAEC Credits (6 or below) including English (5 or below). Candidates with 4 credits (6 or below) including English (5 or below) and an HTC from a recognized institution may also be admitted.

DIPLOMA: Four G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Credits (6 or below), including English Language (5 or below), or Four WAAEC Credits (6 or below) including English (5 or below).

CERTIFICATE: Three G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Credits (6 or below), or three WAEC Credits (6 or below) Additional academic requirements of specifications may be added at the discretion or Faculties or Departments
For international students, national qualifications will be judged by the Ministry of Education for acceptability.

In all of the above requirements English Language should be included as one of the credits.

Post graduate programmes – applicants should have a degree (with a division two or better) from a recognised University together with at least one or two years’ work experience.

For Agriculture, applicants should have among his/her credits three of the following science subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics/Agriculture/Statistics.

Conditional Acceptance: Any student unable to meet the WAAEC/G.C.E “O” Level acceptance criteria listed above may still apply and be approved for Year One, Semester One admission any of the following programs PROVIDED:
The student is still able to pass the English Verification examination.
The student is still approved by his/her interview panel as a worthy candidate.
The student is ALREADY REGISTERED to sit the WASSCE Examinations.
The student presents, before the start of Year One, Semester Two, a WAAEC-issue scratch card, which verifies that admission criteria have been met.
Students who fail to reach the necessary admissions criteria WILL NOT receive any refund or compensation from the University for their First Semester.

The cost of the Application Forms for Academic Year 2017-2018 is Le 400,000 (Undergraduate) or Le 500,000 (Postgraduate). Applicants are required to pay at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank into the University bank account number 613417 and come with the bank slip to the College’s Finance Office to collect the Form.

Alternatively, you may download and print the Application Form here.

For further information:

Please visit the Registry on Fatima College campus from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day from Monday to Saturday,

or call on mobile phone numbers 076 346 547, or 076 645 679.

or email to



Students are required, on admission, to make payment to the Office of Finance. Payment for each semester is due IN FULL prior to the start of classes for that semester. The University reserves the right to bar any student who has not made full payment from attending classes until arrears are cleared and to impose financial penalties for late payments.

Upon payment, students will receive a Registration Form. This form must be completed and handed in to the Office of the Registrar at the beginning of EVERY ACADEMIC SEMESTER. This form allows the University to track important information on student demographics, create class and exam schedules, and monitor student performance. The University reserves the right to bar any student who has not submitted a completed Registration Form to all appropriate University authorities from attending classes.

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