University of Kisubi School of Graduate Studies and Research

By | September 22, 2022

University of Kisubi School of Graduate Studies and Research

University of Kisubi School of Graduate Studies and Research – check below:

The SGSR at the University of Kisubi (UniK) is both old and new! Old, because it traces its beginning way back in 2007, when it launched its first ever Graduate programme, the Master of Arts in Education (MAED). Introduced in collaboration and with the support of Walsh University headquartered in the State of Ohio, USA, this programme was conceived to prepare personnel who are well grounded in educational leadership to competently face the ever changing demands of our time. Indeed, the programme responded so well to the training needs of the teachers at the Graduate level that just the first in-take admitted thirteen (13) candidates.

The MAED programme was subsequently followed by the Master of Business Administration (MBA) introduced in 2009, the Master of Science in Clinical and Psychological Counselling (MCPC) introduced in 2012, the Master of Science in Information Technology (MIT) introduced in 2014, and the Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (PGDCP) introduced in 2012 – all in partnership and with the support of Uganda Martyrs University. Although all these programmes were hosted and implemented at Kisubi, technically speaking, they were accredited to the respective institutions of Walsh University and Uganda Martyrs University since the then Kisubi Brothers University College (KBUC), the precursor to the present-day UniK, only existed as a constituent college of UMU and as such had no authority to run graduate programmes.  However, the SGSR itself as a unit at Kisubi, was created during the restructuring of the then KBUC’s academic units in 2012, which equally saw the curving of the Faculty of Business and ICT and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology  from the sole Faculty of Education that hither to existed.

Precisely, the SGSR is new because it is the second youngest unit of UniK – besides the Faculty of Health Sciences. The SGSR became a fully-fledged academic unit of UniK when it was granted accreditation by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in December 2017, two years after the establishment of University of Kisubi as an autonomous University. Accordingly, the pioneer in-take class of the UniK SGSR across all the Graduate programmes was in January this year (2018). Gradually, this young unit of the University is beginning to put its feet on the ground to begin to walk.

  1. Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership (Weekend and Holiday) 2yrs 
  2. Master of Business Administration (Weekend) 2yrs
  3. Master of Information Technology (Weekend and Holiday) 2yrs
  4. Master of Science in Clinical Psychological Counseling (Weekend and Holiday) 2yrs
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychological Counseling (Weekend and Holiday) 1yr


The Director School of Graduate Studies and Research

P.O. Box 182, Entebbe, Uganda

Telephone: +256 312 225 432

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