UNIMAK Bachelor of Science in Public Health Course

By | December 13, 2019

UNIMAK Bachelor of Science in Public Health Course

UNIMAK Bachelor of Science in Public Health Course – see details below:



This is a four year programme that aims to combine theory and research with practical training suitable to award a Bachelor of Science (HONS) in Public Health from the University of Makeni. This program is a multidisciplinary, flexible degree that provides students with the opportunity to learn key principles in public health, health programmes and policy leading to a wide range of careers in a health field. The degree is approved by TEC and supported by many foreign academic institutions such as the University of Cambridge (UK), the Uni- versity of Roma Tor Vergata (Italy) and the University of San Pablo (Spain).


An applicant must be a holder of 5 WASSCE or equivalent exams including English Language (score ≤ “5”) and biology, chemistry, phys- ics/core science, additional mathematics, health science.


Bachelor of Science (HONS) Public Health Major in Epidemiology (4 years Total)

Bachelor of Science (HONS) Public Health Major in Medical Laboratory Sciences (4 years Total)

All students receive the same foundation courses irrespective of their specific fields of study.

Each foundation course module includes 2 credits hours of instruction and students are placed for internship at the end of year 2 , 3 and 4.

In addition, at the end of year four (4), students submit a dissertation (supervised by a lecturer in the department) on a topic of the stu- dent’s choice, related to a broad area within their programme of study.

5 thoughts on “UNIMAK Bachelor of Science in Public Health Course

  1. Abdul Wahab senesie

    And I have C4 in physics, C6 in English, C6 in chemistry, B3 in mathematics, B3 in Agriculture, B3 in further mathematics and B3 in health science but got E8 in biology all in two sittings so am I qualify to do public health in your college please let me know.

  2. Mohamed Jalloh

    Good morning sir/ madam . I have obtained higher diploma in public health ,i have chemistry C4
    Mathemastics C6, Agricultural C4 ,health science C5,physics pass, English pass, want to continue at your university i

    1. Tones of Heaven musical Band

      I bring you Greetings from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ the soon coming king..To the Glory for God I have Chemistry, Health science, core science, Agriculture, Physics, C6 in English language, A1 In mathematics,


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