UNIMAK Bachelor of Education – Hearing Impaired

By | December 13, 2019

University of Makeni UNIMAK Bachelor of Education – Hearing Impaired

UNIMAK Bachelor of Education – Hearing Impaired – see details below:


The course aims to introduce students to the inclusion of Special Educational Needs in mainstream schools and special schools at primary level. Students will study across a wide spectrum of inclusion and SEN from a range of learning difficulties and disabilities. Students will reflect on this range in order to become comfortable with the needs of SEN children.


This is an introductory module for students who are new to studying and/or working with pupils with special educational needs (SEN). It requires no prior experience in teaching or working with SEN pupils. It caters mainly for a diverse range of students. The individual learning needs of pupils with SEN will be examined within the context of teaching and learning, and access to the curric- ulum and the learning environment. There will be one 2 hour taught unit every week for 11 weeks of tutorials. Taught sessions will comprise of lectures, discussions, pairs and group work.


By the end of the module, students should be able to:

Question and evaluate terms, labels and stereotypes used in special educational needs.

Recognise the individual learning needs of pupils with a wide range of Special Educational Needs. Evaluate some of the approaches to identify individual learning needs.

Appraise some of the ways of reducing barriers to learning. Justify their own approach to meeting individual learning needs

Students are also expected to be able to:

Reflect on their own practice and/or the practice of others (when teaching pupils with SEN) in an evaluative manner. Use systematic approaches for the collection of information relating to the education of pupils with

Apply to practice different approaches associated with education of pupils with SEN


Language and communication for hearing-impaired pupils

Educational Audiology

Development of hearing-Impaired pupils

The Educational Management of Hearing-Impaired pupils

Teaching and Learning in Hearing –Impaired-Education


“Assessment in coherent sequences of activities designed to promote the professional development of the students through both written and practical work” Turay Umu (1994). In-service Education Training of Teachers of the Deaf in Sierra Leone unpublished B. Phil. Dissertation

Modules 1-4 each will be assessed by a written assignment of 3000 words. Each Assignment is marked on the basis of four grades: 70% and above=Distinction

60%-69% =merit

50%-59% = Pass Below 50%= fail

The opportunity will be given for one resubmission within six months Module 5 is on the basis of:

A case study of 3000 words on the comparison of the development of two hearing impaired and two hearing children A portfolio containing logged activities, log of visits, audiology test certificates and basic signing certificate Folder that contains all practical written tasks.

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