Thekwini TVET College Admission Requirements 2022

By | March 4, 2022

Thekwini TVET College Admission Requirements 2022/2023

Thekwini TVET College Admission Requirements – Apply:


Your journey to Thekwini TVET College starts here. The future belongs to those with the curiosity and determination to shape it for the better. At Thekwini TVET College, you can be one of them. We are here to help make each step towards becoming a Thekwini TVET College student a smooth experience.

Admission as a freshman takes into account a number of factors. This includes specific courses you completed in high school and your grades in those courses.

Please review all applicable requirements prior to applying for admission and pay the required fees.

Admission Requirements 2022/2023

The following requirements apply to all students who are interested in pursuing a program at the Thekwini TVET College. Depending upon what type of applicant you are, you may also have to meet additional requirements. The minimum requirements for Thekwini TVET College admission are outlined below:

Before you apply to Thekwini TVET College you should have the following;

  • Proof of payment of your registration fee.
    Certified copy of your ID document.
  • Also you need your Passport Number for International Applicants
  • Exam Results: Final Grade 12 results (if available).
  • Grade 11 results are very important for your application. Thus, have it on hand.
  • Remember you will need a unique email address. Especially when applying online or in a hard copy.

Make sure to review all applicable requirements prior to applying for admission. The admission requirements apply to all students who are interested in pursuing a program or course at the Thekwini TVET College.

The selection criteria for all Thekwini TVET College courses relate to your academic achievement and potential.


Thekwini TVET College offers a unique experience to students who would like to do studies over the weekend, giving the opportunity to work while studying.

Studying at Thekwini TVET College on a weekend basis can be exhilarating and challenging but also demanding, particularly if you have to balance the demands of home, family, and work with your course requirements.
Our courses have been designed with the needs of students at different life and career stages in mind, while at the same time offering the opportunity for an intense educational experience.

Contact Address of Thekwini TVET College

For more information and enquiries, contact the Thekwini TVET College below:

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