University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN Fees Structure 2022

By | March 1, 2022

University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN Fees Structure 2022/2023

University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN Fees Structure – Read details below:

To learn about fees such as application feeadmission fee, tuition, and scholarships for University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN Programs, read full details below. If you have questions after reviewing this information, you may contact the Institute’s Admissions Office for more details.

The fees structure supports:

  • Facilities, programs, and services that promote student involvement and that are complementary to, but not part of, instructional programs.
  • Supports operating and capital expenses for services related to the physical and psychological health and well-being of students, social and cultural activities and programs.
  • Services related to campus life and campus community, and educational and career support services.

These policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programs at University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN. The institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.

University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN Fee Structure 2022/2023



Returning students must ensure that all outstanding fees are paid in full prior to registration. To avoid

penalties, fees for the 2022 academic year must be paid in full as follows:

30 April 2022 – 60% of outstanding fees (annual registration) or 100% of fees if registered for semester 1 only;

31 August 2022 – Total balance outstanding;

Failing to settle fees by due dates may result in withholding of examination results, as well as immediate withdrawal of student from second semester registration. Interest at the prevailing rates will apply.

For the 2022 academic year, interest has been approved at 9% p.a.


Please note that the University does not accept cash deposits greater than R500 on campus. Students
need to make use of payment methods listed below. Ample waiting period must be allowed for fee clearance depending on the payment method chosen.
1. Direct deposit – overnight clearance
2. EFT – up to five (5) working days
3. Foreign payment – 2 weeks
Payment can be made as follows:
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/ Direct Deposit payments (FOR SELF FUNDED STUDENTS- NOT FOR
Bank : Standard Bank
Branch Code : 045426
Account Number : 053081072
Reference : Student Number ONLY
Students should write their valid UKZN student numbers clearly on the deposit slip. A copy of a deposit
should be emailed to,,,,, or dropped off at the Student Fees office on your campus.
An original bank stamped deposit slip must be produced in the case of a query.
Academic Fees Structure for 2022/2023 academic year

Fees are charged per module on a semester basis. Tuition fees include laboratory fees, examination fees

(excluding supplementary examination fees), library subscriptions, student facilities and personal accident

insurance. Charges relating to the provision of additional material, e.g. supplementary/lecture notes, field

trips, copyright fees, where applicable, will be raised separately, depending on the particular modules for which

students are registered. Prescribed text books are explicitly excluded from the definition of tuition fees. Details of the

charges for each module, as well as supplementary charges, may be obtained from the offices of the various Colleges,

Student Fees and Student Academic Administration.

Copyright charges are levied per semester on students that are pursuing an Undergraduate degree, Honors degree

and Postgraduate diplomas. Student Levy is payable by all registered students.


The fees listed are for guideline purposes only. They indicate the approximate amounts payable by students who are

registered for the normal academic load for a full year on a full-time basis. The actual fees payable by a student will

depend on the specific modules for which the student has registered during the year. In the event of a material error

or omission, the full fees as calculated by the University becomes payable.


  College of Health Sciences

Bachelor Degree

B Audiology



B Speech Language Pathology 50120
B Dental Therapy 43139
B Medical Science: Anatomy 48349
B Medical Science: Physiology 43035
B Occupational Therapy 47932
B Optometry 42722
B Pharmacy 42722
B Physiotherapy 43764
B Sport Science 45327
B Nursing 37929
B Nursing (Advance Practice) 53767
B Medicine & B Surgery 54601
B Oral Hygiene 38971
2. Honours

Medical Science in Anatomy



Medical Science in Medical Biochemistry 36693
Medical Science in Medical Microbiology 41292
Medical Science in Physiology 45408


Sports Science
3. Masters

3.1 Thesis/Dissertation


Year 1



Continuing Years 17008
Subsequent Year 4658
3.2 Coursework and Dissertation
Masters Medicine/Medical Science 48157
Masters of Hand Therapy 48433
Masters of Health Science 87390
Masters of Medicine-Public Health 70166
Masters of Medicine-Occupational Medicine 53572
Masters of Medical Science-Medical informatics  


Masters of Medical Science 39418
Masters of Nursing 57425
Masters of Pharmacy 87403
Masters of public health 38522
Masters of Philosophy in Group Therapy 48249
Year 1 34002

Continuing Years



Subsequent Year 4657


College of Law and Management

Annual Fees(R)
1. Bachelor Degree
B Laws 45719
B Laws (Part-time) 35335
B Admin 56908
B Business Administration 43718
B Business Science 50065
B Com 48417
B Com Accounting 52964
2. Honours
Management Accounting 40877
Commerce (Other) 38055
Information Systems &Technology 35784
3. Masters
3.1 Thesis/Dissertation
Year 1 28405
Continuing Years 14213
Subsequent Year 5168
3.2 Coursework and Dissertation


Masters in Law
Masters of Commerce (Human Resource Mgt; Industrial Relations; Information

Systems; Management; Marketing)




Subsequent Year (Dissertation) 1450
MCom Leadership Studies 30357
Masters of Business Administration – (MBA) 84746
Masters of Commerce (Maritime Studies) 61237
Masters in Commerce (Accounting, Economics, Taxation, LLM Taxation, IT)  


Masters of Commerce (Other) 47184
Masters of Administration MPA (1st Year) 30045
Masters of Administration MPA (2nd Year) 14870
Masters of Commerce (Taxation) 61242
4. Doctorates
Year 1 34002
Continuing Years 17006
Subsequent Year 5168


College of Science and Engineering


Annual Fees(R)
1. Bachelor Degree
B Sc Eng: Agricultural 53425
B Sc Eng: Chemical 53734
B Sc Eng: Civil 53538
B Sc Eng: Computer 54044
B Sc Eng: Electrical 54044
B Sc Eng: Electronic 54044
B Sc Eng: Mechanical 54044
B Sc Land Surveying 56114
B Sc of Agriculture in Agricultural Extension & Rur Res Mgt  


B Sc in Agriculture (Agribusiness) 50192
B Sc in Agriculture (Agricultural Economics) 47835
B Agricultural Management 39843
B Agriculture 48685
B Sc Agriculture – Agricultural Plant Sciences 48685
B Sc in Agriculture – Animal and Poultry Science  


B Sc in Agriculture-Plant Pathology 48685
B Sc in Agriculture – Soil Science 48685
B Sc Stream Life and Earth Sciences Stream (LES)  


B Sc Mathematics Stream(M) 46019
B Sc Applied Chemistry 47224
B Sc Applied Physics 46019
B Sc Biological Sciences 43592
B Sc Chemistry and Chemical Technology 48685
B Sc Computer Science & Information 48319


B Sc Crop & Horticultural Science 48685
B Sc Dietetics 46019
B Sc Environmental Science 48685
B Sc Geological Sciences 46019
B Sc Industrial and Applied Biotechnology 48870
B Sc Marine Biology 46019
B Sc 4-year Augmented Programme 42384
BSc Environmental Earth Science 55700
BSM Bachelor of Science 47835
Engineering Access Programme 27114
2. Honours
Science 39361
Agriculture 36324
BScHons Biochemistry 39233
BScHons Microbiology 39233
BScHons Plant Pathology 42144
3. Masters
3.1 Thesis/Dissertation
Year 1 37153
Continuing Years 18582
Subsequent Year 5450
3.2 Coursework and Dissertation
MScEng in Waste and Resource Management 44610
4. Doctorates
Year 1 37153
Continuing Years 18582
Subsequent Year 5450


College of Humanities


Annual Fees(R)
1. Bachelor Degree
B Ed 39843
B A Cultural & Heritage Tourism 50008
B A Cognitive Science 61070
B Soc Sc Extended Programme 41050


B Theology 48076
B A International Studies 51342
B A Music 53286
B A Music & Drama Performance 53286
B A Philosophy, Politics & Law 53400
B Soc Sc Housing 53286
B A Visual Art 47224
B Soc Sc (General Studies) 50859
B Soc Sc Pol, Phil & Economics 36324
B Soc Sc Geography & Environmental Management  


B Soc Sc Government, Business & Ethics 61760
B Soc Sc Management & Communication Studies  


B Architectural Studies 56804
B Music 53526
B Social Work 54975
2. Honours
Social Science 43592
Theology 31483
Criminology and Forensic Studies 31483
Community and Development Studies 31483
BEducation 33910
Bed (EdLdshpMngt) 33910
B Arts 33588
3. Masters
3.1 Thesis/Dissertation
Year 1 34002
Continuing Years 17006
Subsequent Year 4658
3.2 Coursework and Dissertation
Masters in Arts 31851
Masters in Education 31851
Masters in Social Science 31851
Masters in Theology 31851
Masters in Architecture Contact College
Masters in Music 240251
4. Doctorates
Year 1 34003
Continuing Years 17006
Subsequent Year 4657


Full time Research Masters and Research Doctoral Studies

First time full research Masters and Doctoral students qualify for fee remission.

Students must communicate with the Higher Degrees Office to take them through the ONLINE Application using The Higher Degrees Management System (HDMS)

There is just 1 screen for the fee remission as part of the online HDMS application process to either accept or decline the fee remission award.

Once student ACCEPT the fee remission terms and conditions, registration clearance and payment are automated.


Continuing Fees Schedule (Research Students)
Doctorate Masters Masters
Group 1 Human Sciences, Law,   Management Studies, Nursing, Social Science Accountancy, Art, Commerce, education, Fine Arts, information Studies, Law, Music, Nursing, Social Science, Theology, Psychology

and Social Work

Approx.R17005 per year or R8503 per semester
Group 2 Agriculture, Architecture, Geography, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Dev Studies, Health


Agriculture, Architecture, Construction Mgmt., Dev Studies, Engineering, Geography, Land Surveying, Science, Urban and regional Planning, Health


Approx. R17005 per year or R8503 per semester


Continuing Fees for students that fall under the new Remission Policy (2015): Kindly refer to point 5 of the Conditions of Remission on the next page.

NOTE: the above fees cover tuition fees only and do not include accommodation, food, transport or any other expenses.

The Executive Management Committee has approved the following capped maximum student award values.


Undergraduate Degrees; Honours; PG Diplomas
R145 000
Masters R209 000
Doctoral R271 000


These capped maximum values will apply for the 2022 period and may be reviewed annually or bi-annually.

UKZN Frequently Asked Questions about Fees

How soon after I have received an offer to study at UKZN can I be able to make payment at the bank?
Please allow for 48 hours after receiving confirmation of an offer to study at UKZN before proceeding to the bank to make payment.
I went to Standard Bank today to make payment towards my acceptance of offer fees. The teller advised that their system is rejecting my student number. What can I do?

You will not be able to make payment at the bank immediately after receiving an offer from UKZN. You are required to wait for at least 48 hours. Thereafter, the bank will have your student number updated on its database and you will be able to make payment.


What are minimum upfront fees payable for registration in 2022?
  • The required 2022 registration fees are as follows:
  • Local students registering for tuition only: R4,170.
  • Local students registering for both tuition and residence: R7,350.
  • International students (including SADC region): 100% of the total tuition and residence fees for 2022. Please also see the International fees booklet, accessible via the Student Portal on the University website ( for guidance.


Do I pay a registration deposit if I am a returning student who paid it last year?

Yes, registration fees are payable by all students who wish to register at the beginning of each academic year before registration can be finalized. Students who are funded by NSFAS are not required to pay a registration fee.


How will I know if I am financially cleared after paying the required deposit(s)?

An SMS will be sent to you advising that financial clearance has been granted. You will then be allowed to proceed with finalizing your registration. Ensure that your contact details are updated. These can be viewed and edited under the biographical menu on Student Central.


How can I get a copy of my fee statement?
Fee statements are available on the Student iEnabler to students who were last registered in the second semester of 2021. The student iEnabler is accessible by logging onto Student Central. If you were not registered in 2021, you can contact Student Fees for assistance.
How do I update my banking details so that I can receive my allowances?

Student banking details forms are available online on the Student Portal. Completed forms with all supporting documents may be submitted to the Fees email address for your campus. Required supporting documents and contact information are detailed on the form.


I qualify for a missing middle DHET grant. Do I have to pay the registration fees?

Yes. Registration fees are payable by all students who do not have 100% funding for their 2022 fees.


I have outstanding fees from previous years that I am unable to settle before registration closes. Can I make payment arrangements?

Yes. Financial clearance concessions are available for qualifying students for the 2022 registration. Visit Student Central for applicable concessions.


What documents do I need to attach to my AOD form?

The following are required as supporting documents when applying for the 2022 concessions and submitting a payment plan:

  • Proof of income
  • Certified copy of student ID
  • Certified copy of parent/guardian/payer’s ID
  • Proof of unemployment from the Department of Labour
  • Affidavit (where applicable, e.g. domestic worker or self-employed street vendor with no payslip)
  • 3-month bank statement (where applicable, e.g. additional income or no current payslip available)
  • International students are also required to include current year’s proforma invoice obtainable from their respective College.


I have excess funds in my student account from my previous academic year(s). Will I be able to register using the excess funds?

Yes, you will be granted financial clearance provided that the excess funds are R4170 or more for academic registration only or R7350 or more for academic and residence registration. For Funded students, please consult with the Financial Advisor in your College for confirmation.


I need to know how much I will pay in total for tuition if I register in 2022?

Contact your College Administrator and request for a proforma invoice.


How can I contact Finance if I have any fees related queries?

Send a query to the Fees office on your campus of study via e-mail as follows:           (Edgewood Campus)                (Howard College Campus)                (Medical School Campus)                     (PMB Campus)               (Westville Campus)


Will there be a discount should I pay all my fees upfront or before the final due date?

No discount is offered for early payment. However, no interest will be levied on paid up accounts.


I have an external bursary that will pay for my studies in 2022. How do I obtain financial clearance?

Submit the bursary confirmation letter to your College Financial Aid Advisor for financial clearance. If you have any outstanding fees from previous years, you will be required to settle the debt before you can be financially cleared.


My employer will be paying for my studies. How do I obtain financial clearance?

The minimum registration fees are required upfront. We do not accept promissory letters from employers. If you have any outstanding fees from previous years, you will be required to settle the debt, as well as pay the minimum deposit(s) before you can be financially cleared.


The status on the NSFAS portal shows that I am eligible for funding. How do I obtain financial clearance?

Contact your College Financial Aid Advisor for assistance.


My NSFAS is not reflecting on student central for 2022. What should I do?

Contact your College Financial Aid Advisor for assistance.

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