UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf 2022-2023

By | June 24, 2022

UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf 2022-2023

UNEB UACE Examination Timetable | UACE has released the exams and teaching Timetable for the 2022-2023 academic year… Check details below





The purpose of the examination is to assess the candidates’ level of achievement. It is not an end in itself but will help to place candidates in their career paths. Candidates should therefore approach the examination without panic.

TIME ALLOWED FOR QUESTION PAPER: The time allowed for each paper is shown against the name of the paper and NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE ALLOWED. In case of any discrepancy, the time stated on the question paper must be taken as correct. Any time allocated for reading through questions, studying maps, etc. is included in the total time shown except when special paper instructions indicate otherwise. UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf

In drawing up a detailed timetable for circulation to schools and/or candidates the Board is guided by the following rules:

1.Papers included in the same period should begin at the same time, except when a candidate is offering two papers in the same period, the second paper should be timed to follow the first after a reasonable interval, but not exceeding 20 minutes.

2.Daytime periods should be provided for Art Papers.

3.No candidate may take more than one of the papers bracketed together.

4.Candidates are advised to offer either Science or Arts combinations of subjects.

Uganda National Examinations Board will arrange timetables for Examinations in P640/3 Foods and Nutrition, P630/2 Clothing and Textiles, P330/1 Oral French, P340/4 German Orals and P620/1 Music Practical which will be conducted by visiting examiners on dates prior to 9th April 2022. Fine Art

P615/1, 2 will be issued at 12.00 p.m on day of Examinations to allow for setting of specimen.

Marks for Continuous Assessment in subjects where this is a requirement must be submitted to UNEB through School portal by 12th February, 2022. Centres must not deliver Coursework Assessment marks physically, by post or by courier because they shall not be accepted. Subjects with coursework components shall not be graded without the coursework marks. UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf

Check uace general paper questions and answers


Candidates’ attention is drawn to the “Directions to Candidates” and “Caution against Malpractice in or around the Examination Room” at the end of this document. It is hereby assumed that candidates and all concerned have read, understood and will abide by these regulations.

The Chief Invigilator must begin the Morning session at 9.00 a.m. and the Afternoon session at 2.00 p.m. Any deviation from the set time must be explained to the Board. UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf


Download Timetable for UACE Practical Tests and Theory for 2022

NOTE *P615/1, 2 papers to be released at 12.00 noon.

In S850/2 & 3 Subsidiary ICT, the 2 hours include the time for printing out the candidate’s work. No further printing shall be done after the stipulated time.


1.Ease yourself before entering the examination room. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination room before the end of the examination time.

2.Be at the examination hall at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination ready to be identified and checked. Any candidate who comes 15 or more minutes late from the start of an examination will not be allowed to sit the examination.

3.Present yourself at the entrance to the examination hall for checking by the supervisor/invigilators. They have been instructed to check you thoroughly, including your pockets, shoes and body.

4.Do not indulge in any form of examination malpractice. 1 Do not smuggle unauthorized materials e.g. notes, text books, etc., into the examination rooms; do not write on your body clothes, Mathematical sets or calculators.

5.At the start of each examination, make sure you (or student representatives) examine the examination question paper envelope(s) to find out whether it/they is/are intact or already opened. If the envelope(s) is/are opened outside the examination room, then write straight to Executive Secretary UNEB, P O Box 7066 Kampala, Tel: 0414 289397 to report the case. UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf

6.Follow the examination paper rubric and the instructions on the front page of the answer booklet. Do not use pencils to write answers except when drawing diagrams and graphs. Answers written in pencil will NOT BE MARKED. Do not answer more questions than asked for in the rubric. The examiners will not mark the extra questions.

7.Write your correct names, numbers and signature on your answer booklets for all the papers you take. These must be the same as on the entry form you filled at registration. Candidates with differing names in any of their papers will not get results. UNEB UACE Examination Timetable Pdf

8.Sit only the examination papers you have registered for. No results will be issued for papers you have not registered for.

9.Sit the examination only at the centre/school where you have been registered to take it.

10.Do not go out before or immediately at the end of each examination. Witness the checking and sealing of the scripts first.

11.Leave used or unused answer booklet(s) inside the examination room.

12.No separate paper will be provided for rough work.

13.Mobile phones are not allowed in or around the examination room.

14.Sharing of calculators, mathematical tables, rulers, pens, etc. is not permitted during the Examination



Breach of instructions/regulations, irregularity, misconduct or dishonesty (cheating) in connection with UNEB examinations may lead to disqualification or cancellation of results of a candidate or of all candidates at a centre. Any candidate found involving himself/herself in malpractice in the examination may be refused to continue with his/her examination, disqualified, arrested and handed over to the Police. Such a candidate may be barred from sitting any other UNEB examinations. CANDIDATES


Where malpractice is suspected, candidates and all concerned will be summoned to appear before the Board.

The following are cases of malpractice that will lead to disqualification, cancellation of results or arrest of a candidate:

1.Smuggling of unauthorized material into the examination room.

2.Copying from one another (collusion), or leaving work exposed such that another candidate can copy from.

3.External assistance given by teachers and/or any other persons.

4.Prior knowledge of examination questions or confidential advance information.

5.Impersonation, i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination; or where another person rather than the duly registered candidate sits the examination.

6.Improper behaviour, e.g. making noise, disobeying supervisors and the invigilators, violent behaviour such as attacking or threatening invigilators.

7.Substitution of examination scripts during or after the examination.

8.Irregularity e.g. taking longer time than that stipulated on the question paper to sit an examination or one candidate using differing names.

9.Tearing the answer booklet/script into loose sheets, tearing pages out of the script or folding the script in anyway. Torn scripts will not be marked and candidates involved may have their results cancelled.

10.Being in possession of a mobile phone or any other communication gadgets.

11.Any other cases of malpractice that shall be detected.

Candidates should report directly to the Board any person(s) (could be another candidate, Teacher or Headteacher) suspected to be indulging in examination malpractice. Use the address: Executive Secretary UNEB, P. O. Box 7066, Kampala.

E-mail: uneb@uneb.ac.ug

The Board reserves the right to declare publicly names of centres, candidates or anyone else who will have involved themselves in examination malpractice.

You will be able to access your examination results on a mobile phone as soon as they are released by sending a well formatted SMS as follows: Type “UACE”, leave a space, then type your index number and send to 6600 on networks as will be specified by the Board at the time of release of results. There should be no spaces in the index number. For example, UACE U2769/538.

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