Ibanda University Historical Background

By | September 26, 2022

Ibanda University Historical Background

Ibanda University Historical Background – check below:

Four prominent Secondary School Teachers realized that there was need to start a University in this area of Ibanda so as to bring services closer to the citizens thus enabling them get quality education higher education at an affordable cost. These teachers are:
Mr. Ahimbisa Wilson,
Mr. Atuhereze Elly,
Mr. Busingye John,
Mr. Rwomushana Jeeb, and
Mr. Patrict Bitature (Not a teacher but Joined them later ).
These teachers who have now transformed into directors of Ibanda University, invited Mr. Pastole Bamwesigye and Professor Samson James Opolot to join them and develop the idea further into a University Project.  By the close of 2010, the Ibanda University planning committee (IU Planning Committee) had been constituted.


  • What next? IU Planning Committee starts proposal design process
  • Where? Issues of location and identity arises: decision that it becomes a community university
  • Who? The process of marketing the idea commenced to as wide a stakeholder base as possible: religious leaders, business people, educationists, politicians, opinion leaders, progressive farmers, etc.
  •  Outcome: Lots of skepticism from public but IU Planning Committee resolves to press on with the project.

Feb: The first set of proposals are delivered to NCHE, that is Aims, Objectives, Visions and Mission set; Logo’s, legal structure developed and processed, including asset consolidation and identification of core senior staff.
March – October: Series of engagements between IU Planning Committee and NCHE on these developments, leading to exchange of comments and undertakings of revisions of the proposal
Nov: Final proposal delivered to NCHE
Outcome: NCHE informs IU Planning Committee to await call for formal presentation of the proposal in Kampala.


Jan: NCHE invites IU Planning Committee to present the ‘defense’ of the proposal. Revisions suggested.
Feb-May: Revisions undertaken and final proposal submitted
June 23rd: NCHE invites IU Planning Committee to pick ‘Letter of Interim Authority’. Interim Authority provides a THREE YEAR lease!
July – Dec: ‘Interim Authority’ permits IU Planning Committee to:
Acquire assets and develop them for the project
Popularize the IU project (media, banners, liaison offices, etc.),
Fundraising in view of fulfillment of necessities for its success
Attract and recruit technical and support staff
Establish offices e.g. liaison office, etc.
Regularly exchange progress reports with NCHE

Popularity of the project blossomed
All legalities completed
Liaison office in place
Governing Council and Senior Management (VC, US, AR, Deans and HODs in place)and a growing volume of applicants for staffing positions
No funding from development banks but IU Planning Committee ready to start construction on whatever is available (fundraising continues)
Particular sourcing from sister Alliance institutions – Alliance S.S.S. and Alliance Vocational School
Commencement of finalizing site plans and their approvals, building materials, electricity, water and a truck for building done
IU Planning Committee shared several progress reports to NCHE


  • Feb: Construction of the campus started. Decision made with NCHE consent to start small. Hence out of the full blown site plan IU Planning Committee prioritized the existing buildings
  • March – May: IU Planning Committee shared progress report on near completion of construction and constitution of the Governing Council.
  • June: Consolidation of completing buildings and acquisitions, e.g., computers, all-round furniture for, library, offices and computer lab, reading books, teaching aids, etc.

July:  Presentation by Ibanda University Planning Committee done at NCHE in Kampala, in defense of the University’s readiness for award of the Provisional License.

  • Aug: NCHE inspection team visits Ibanda University Campus to decide on IU Planning Committee submits application for Provisional License to NCHE. As of now fittings are still on-going e.g. internet and completion of toilets, ‘Nitti grit ties’ being finalized.
  • Aug – Sept: Ibanda University’s LIFE HANGS IN THERE! We need the Provisional
  • License to start recruiting students or otherwise?
  • Provisional licence from NCHE is finally granted on 29/09/2014 and recruitment of students for admissions in IU commences.
  • By 20th August 2014 IU opened its doors for admissions of students for Bachelors and diplomas in the following disciplines;
  • Business Administration;
  • Information Technology;
  • Development Studies;
  • Social Sciences, and;
  • Public Administration,

At the beginning of the second year, we applied to NCHE for the accreditation of more courses which include bachelors and diplomas in;

  • Agriculture and rural innovations
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Education both Secondary and Primary
  • Ibanda University Historical Background

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