Great Lakes Regional University Postgraduate Courses

By | September 2, 2022

Great Lakes Regional University Postgraduate Courses

Great Lakes Regional University Postgraduate Courses – see the list of postgraduate programs offered at GLRU…



AFRICAN GRADUATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP (AGE) INSTITUTE The African Graduate Entrepreneurship (AGE) Institute of Great Lakes Regional University will focus on postgraduate programmes with a special focus on entrepreneurship. The AGE Institute vision, mission, motto and objectives are given below.

VISION, MISSION & MOTTO Vision: Generations of efficient entrepreneurs in Africa

Mission: To establish an applied entrepreneurship graduate institute to equip the youth with the requisite knowledge and skills for personal prosperity and national economic transformation

Motto: Transforming graduates into entrepreneurs


  • To coordinate a synergy of institutions that will focus on the needs and potential for entrepreneurship as a critical alternative for graduates in a shrinking global job market.
  • To establish a skills-focused and interactive accredited degree awarding institution for up to 2,000 graduates a year within 5 years.
  • To build an enterprise network in the Great Lakes Region that will inspire and support graduates who are committed and trained to start small and medium enterprises, which will create jobs and micro-enterprise opportunities.

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