Fourah Bay College Postgraduate Diploma in Education

By | September 12, 2019

Fourah Bay College Postgraduate Diploma in Education Course

Fourah Bay College Postgraduate Diploma in Education – see details below:

Course Profile
The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) course is meant primarily for holders of First Degree (or its equivalent), who want to be in the teaching field/profession; and for educational administrators of schools/tertiary institutions/line ministries. Candidates sit only one exam at the end of the year/second semester; and go for ten-weeks Teaching Practice during the first semester.

To apply for the PGDE course, a candidate must satisfy the educational content criterion. That is, a candidate must have studied at least two subjects related to those done in the secondary schools, for at least two years (during his/her undergraduate course)

Duration: One Academic year (Two semesters)


EDUC 500 Micro Teaching

EDUC 511 Principles of Education {Philosophy of Education EDUC 511 (PHIL), Comparative and African Education EDUC 511 (COMP), Sociology of Education EDUC 511 (SOC)}

EDUC 510 Introduction to Educational Research

EDUC 512 Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counselling,

EDUC 514 Basic Educational Statistics

EDUC 513 Educational Measurement and Evaluation

EDUC 515 Education and Development

EDUC 516 General Theory of Education (Classroom Management, Health Education Educational Technology Curriculum Theory and Practice)

EDUC 614/616 Advanced Theory Paper II (Gender and Education, and Advanced Comparative Education)

EDUC 612/613 Advanced Theory Paper I (Psychology of Learning and Advanced Sociology of Education)

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