CUT Admission Requirements 2022/2023

By | February 25, 2022

Central University of Technology CUT Admission Requirements 2022/2023

CUT Admission Requirements – Apply:


Your journey to Central University of Technology CUT starts here. The future belongs to those with the curiosity and determination to shape it for the better. At Central University of Technology CUT, you can be one of them. We are here to help make each step towards becoming a Central University of Technology CUT student a smooth experience.

Admission as a freshman takes into account a number of factors. This includes specific courses you completed in high school and your grades in those courses.

Please review all applicable requirements prior to applying for admission and pay the required fees.

Admission Requirements 2022/2023

Depending upon what type of applicant you are, you may also have to meet additional requirements. The minimum requirements for Central University of Technology CUT admission are outlined below:

To achieve a bachelor’s pass, you must:

  • Pass 6 of the 7 subjects offered;
  • Of which four Subjects must be at least a 50% (level 4) achievement;
  • Including Home Language 40% Compulsory Pass /excluding Life Orientation;
  • 30% Pass in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT);
  • The Department of Basic Education has revoked the list of designated subjects with effect from September 2018;
  • The minimum admission requirements for a Bachelor’s degree program remain the same, namely, an NSC with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the Higher Education Institution (HEI), coupled with an achievements rating of 4 (50-59%) or better in any four (4) NSC subject except Life Orientation.


A diploma pass requires 40% in four higher credit subjects, 30% in three lower credit subjects, and you may fail one subject.

With this pass, you can enroll for a bridging course at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college or a diploma course at a university of technology.


A certificate pass requires a 40% pass in your home language, 2 subjects above 40%, 4 subjects above 30% and you may fail 1 subject. This pass allows you to study for a higher certificate.

  • A candidate for a university of technology degree, diploma or certificate must be in possession of at least the NSC or equivalent qualification approved by Senate.
  • A candidate must score at least 27 or more points on the CUT scoring scale, for admission to CUT. However, admission to a particular program is subject to the requirements of that program (see section below for the regulations pertaining to learning programs).
  • Life Orientation forms part of the final score, with a maximum value of one.
  • If a candidate meets the minimum subject requirements for the certificate, diploma or degree, but scores fewer than the minimum points on the CUT scoring scale for the NSC examination, CUT will consider the following aspects:
  • There must be a place available for the candidate in the particular learning program.
  • There must be a place available for the candidate in the particular learning program.
  • If an applicant fails to qualify for admission to CUT in terms of these regulations, he/she may be subject to the testing of potential, refer to CUT calendar for more information.


Regulations pertaining to the testing of potential

The candidate must meet the necessary subject requirements for the learning program in question.

The following measuring instruments are used to test the potential of a candidate:

  • RPL, with admission to be approved before a candidate may register;
  • Assessment of the prior experience of mature learners;
  • GSAT and English Proficiency Test results;
  • NSC results; and
  • Any other measuring instrument as determined by the Senate or Council.

Please note:

Candidates scoring 22 – 26 points on CUT’s scoring scale must undergo a selection test.

A candidate must obtain an achievement level of at least 4 (50 – 59%) in Life Orientation in the NSC.

Candidate who scores fewer than 22 points on the CUT scoring scale in the July or subsequent NSC examination is considered to be a candidate who does not possess the necessary skills to successfully pursue a course of study at CUT under the prevailing circumstances. Such a candidate will not be admitted to CUT.

Make sure to review all applicable requirements prior to applying for admission. The admission requirements apply to all students who are interested in pursuing a program or course at the Central University of Technology CUT.

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