COMHAS Online Application 2020-2021 | Sierra Leone

By | October 4, 2019

COMHAS Online Application 2020-2021 | Sierra Leone

COMHAS Online Application – See details below to apply Online…



Please Read All Instructions Before Starting to Complete this Online Application Form

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

COMAHS Admission Requirements

List of Courses Offered at COMAHS

COMAHS Tuition Fees Schedule

  1. All fields marked * are mandatory fields and must be completed
  2. When entering your phone number, please enter the full country code 232 before entering the other numbers. Do Not put spaces, hyphens or slashes in the phone numbers
  3. Please ensure you have electronic (scanned/PDF) versions of the following documents before starting the application process:
    1. Any ID Card with your photo on it (Passport/National ID/Drivers License/Voter ID)
    2. Birth certificate or Notarised Affidavit indicating your date of birth, place of birth and names of parents
    3. If leaving school, please attach your school leaving testimonial from the last educational institution. If you are a “Private WASCE” candidate, please leave this area blank
    4. If currently employed please attach a signed/stamped copy of a letter of reference provided by your employer (if you have no employment history, please leave this area blank)
    5. If you are a self-funded candidate, please attach signed copy of a letter of financial guarantee (please see template on website)
  4. When completing the Examinations Taken Section of this Form, please enter results attained in a maximum of 2 Examination Years. Candidates entering grades for more than two (2) exam sittings will be automatically disqualified
  5. There may be specific requirements for the course you are applying; please ensure to check if the Departmental Grades and other requirements are met prior to submitting your online application form. If you do not meet the Departmental admission requirements, the University may offer you conditional admission, with spaces in other course areas or Departments.
  6. If you are applying with a result that is not issued by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), please ignore the sections on Examination Results; you will be required to attach a copy of your results issued by the examining body to this application


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