About University of Makeni UNIMAK – Sierra Leone

By | December 13, 2019

About University of Makeni UNIMAK – Sierra Leone

About University of Makeni UNIMAK – see details below:


BackgroundThe University of Makeni (UNIMAK) is a private university in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone that was fully accredited in 2009.

UNIMAK places “social development” at the heart of everything it does. For this reason UNIMAK has made great efforts to develop academic programmes that are rooted in the everyday reality of contemporary Africa. Currently there are approximately 1500 students, 147 full time lecturers, 30 part time and 31 visiting professors who make up the UNIMAK family.

The dynamism and idealism that motivated the development of UNIMAK in the past decade can be summed up in the following statements:

VisionWe aspire to be a world class university with excellence in education, research and public engagement where sustainable peace and social justice transcend boundaries.

MissionInformed by Catholic social teaching, to promote sustainable human, social, political and economic development in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole, which at the same time respects the environment so that its resources are used for the benefit of all.

Aims and ObjectivesThe University seeks through the provision of quality higher education to:

  • Develop, promote and implement a common ethical vision and praxis for all dimensions of development in Africa in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Foster professionalism within civil society, politics, business and religion and build, through sensitization, a better society.
  • Strengthen the role of the Church, especially in her social mission to build equity, justice, peace and democracy.

UNIMAK FacilitiesAt its Fatima Campus in Makeni, UNIMAK offers undergraduate and postgraduate university programmes, as well as a number of certificate and diploma courses. The Law, Public Health and Information Technology Departments are housed at Yoni Campus, with separate but equal student services, four miles from Makeni.

In addition to having some twenty five tutorial rooms, four lecture halls, two IT labs, and a specialized law library, the University has a one hundred seat main library with over 25,000 books and periodicals. There are also more than 40 computers for the students’ free use with full internet services.

Students’ WelfareThe Dean of Students serves as a bridge between the administration of UNIMAK and the students. In addition to being able to call on the Dean of Students when issues arise, students have recourse to their elected Student Representative Council members.

Religious WorshipUNIMAK, while conscious of its Catholic heritage, welcomes students from different faiths and religious backgrounds. The major Christian and Muslim festivals are respected. In addition there are chaplaincy services available to staff and students.

Games and SportsWe offer opportunities for outdoor games and sports such as football, basketball and track and field events at both Fatima and Yoni campuses.

Student RegulationsUNIMAK‘s reason for being established was to provide a conducive environment for learning and research. This can only be achieved if its members can work peacefully in conditions which permit freedom of thought and expression within a framework of respect for the rights of others.

In safeguarding the above, there are student regulations which address general student welfare, conduct and disciplinary proceedings and penalties aimed at protecting the University from actions which would damage its academic reputation. Acceptance of admission to any of the courses and programmes offered is conditional upon agreement by the would-be student to abide by these regulations as contained in the student handbook.

The operation and application of these regulations are without prejudice of the Constitution and the General Laws of the Republic of Sierra Leone. In addition, UNIMAK reserves the right to alter any of these regulations, including descriptions of the courses, without prior notice.

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